We're hiring! Looking for apprentices and stylists to join our beauty salon. Flexible hours, cruelty-free haircare and sausage dogs!

Exciting opportunity for stylists and apprentices at our cruelty-free beauty salon in Auckland’s North Shore!

Are you ready to embark on a rewarding career in our cruelty-free beauty salon located in Rothesay Bay, Auckland? Join the team at Hair Intentions, where we provide a high-quality experience for our clients and a unique culture where our stylists enjoy flexibility and a variety of opportunities for personal and professional development.

Now that we've been open for a year, we're looking for motivated stylists and apprentices to join our dynamic team.

You'll be responsible for client bookings, personalized consultations, and delivering a diverse range of services with confidence. From mastering the latest color techniques like foiling, highlights, and balayage to executing precise cuts for various hair lengths, your expertise will shine. Additionally, you'll engage in hair styling, retail support, and other beauty salon duties, ensuring seamless operations from start to finish.

At Hair Intentions, we're proud to partner with The Haircare Group to offer our clients some of the world's best hair care products including evo, OLAPLEX and Color WOW. Of course, everything we use (including our cleaning products) are 100% cruelty-free. We're also a Sustainable Salon, with up to 95% of our waste being diverted away from landfill.

If you're keen to grow your online presence through social media, look no further! At Hair Intentions, you'll learn valuable tips and tricks to take your online influence to the next level. You'll also have the opportunity to attend industry events, showcase your work and maybe even win some awards.

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance, we offer flexible scheduling options ranging from 30-40 hours per week, tailored to accommodate your preferences. Located in Rothesay Bay (between Mairangi Bay and Browns Bay), our pet-friendly beauty salon offers both convenience and enjoyment for clients and staff alike.

Also, we have fair-trade coffee, loyal clients and friendly sausage dogs!

Apply now or inquire for more information: Email your CV to hi@hairintentions.co.nz or text Melvin at 0212438601.

Key selling points:

  • Personal and professional growth - build a bigger presence on social media!
  • Dynamic beauty salon with cruelty-free products and a commitment to the environment!
  • Flexible workplace focused on helping each other and amazing client experiences!
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