We’re officially open! Here are a few things we’ve learned as a new salon in Rothesay Bay

As we were planning and preparing to open Hair Intentions, there were a lot of things we considered: What do our future clients want in a hair salon? What products and services will our community enjoy? Does Rothesay Bay need another hair salon? What is our point of difference? 

On February 1st, 2023, Hair Intentions officially opened and we didn't even have time to catch our breath before clients began flooding into the salon, requesting appointments from our team of highly-skilled hairdressers

After a week of meeting with clients and other community members, there are a few things we've learned as a new salon in Rothesay Bay: 

Change can be a really good thing - especially for those who don't like change!

While Hair Intentions is a brand new salon, we are fortunate enough to have two stylists on our team who are no strangers to Rothesay Bay. Jazz and Jessi were formerly working from a salon in this location, and many of their clients have come in over the past week to book in with their favourite stylist, and to take a look at the new space we've created. 

We know how hard change can be, especially for people who are used to things being a certain way. However, the response we've received has been nothing short of amazing! Clients have been so happy to see that the changes that we've made have been to make their experience better. For example: 

  • Brand new, fabulous furnishings - Our top-of-the-line salon chairs have been designed with clients in mind. When you're sitting for 2 or 3 hours, you want to be comfy. That's why we spared no expense to give clients the most luxe and comfortable seating possible, directly from Comfortel, industry leaders in the salon furnishing space. 
  • Spacious work stations - Many salons try to fit as many stations as possible, but at Hair Intentions, our chairs are spaced out. You'll find plenty of table-top workspace for your laptop, book, a Nespresso Vertuo flat white, magazines, and more. And, all of our stylists have their own brand-new hairdressing trolleys, provided by Davines, our exclusive in-salon retail and professional haircare range
  • Fresh new paint and lighting - We want Hair Intentions to be a bright, cheerful place for our clients to feel energised and relaxed. That's why it was so important to ensure the interior and exterior walls were painted a crisp white, with light pink accents. The lighting is also completely new, so when you're looking at your new hair colour in our beautiful arched mirrors, you'll be blown away! 
  • A place to put your feet up - Hidden behind our hairdressing stations is our semi-private basin area, where you can lay back in our recliner lounges and put your feet up, literally! Enjoy the tranquil experience of a head massage, while taking in the aromas of our popular cruelty-free haircare range from Davines
  • Keeping our salon cool, even on the warm days - Yes, we have a heat pump! So, even when our ghd Helios hairdryers are going, you won't be hot and bothered. Instead, our air-conditioned salon will keep you nice and cool. And, if you are ever feeling warm, we've got a wide range of complimentary beverages chilling in our drinks fridge... don't hesitate to ask! 

People will trust you, if you give them the chance

We knew most of our visitors in the first week would be popping in simply to check us out, even if they had no intentions of making a booking. And, we had many people doing just that: coming in to ask questions about the salon, our products and our services. But, there were a few who chose to book in a first-time appointment with one of our stylists, and we're so happy they did. 

On Saturday, we held an open house for our friends, family members and people from the community to come and meet the team, and have a look around Hair Intentions. We were so humbled by how many people came through the salon. It was amazing to meet so many new people from the Rothesay Bay / Brown's Bay area and to hear stories about what makes a good salon to them. 

One visitor on Saturday mentioned that (prior to arriving), she felt that there would be no way she would switch hairdressers to come to Hair Intentions, as the trip from Te Atatu to Rothesay Bay seemed too far. However, when she stepped into the salon and met the team, her mind was changed! 

Everyone wants high-quality, especially when it comes to their hair

There are two types of salons - those that focus on quality and others who focus on quantity. It's very difficult to have both. At Hair Intentions, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible experience. We are dedicated to giving you a high-quality experience at an affordable price. Sure, there are other salons that can do the job for a bit cheaper - we've all been there - but, we know our clients would much prefer to enjoy the experience they'll get at Hair Intentions. Our reviews speak for themselves

Here are some of the ways we're providing a high-quality experience at your next appointment: 

  • Fresh foliage and aromatherapy - At Hair Intentions, we always have fresh flowers on display, and heaps of plants in every corner of the salon. Our plants are lovingly cared for by the team, and provide a fresh, healthy space for you enjoy. We've also got essential oils in the diffuser. Let us know if you have a favourite and we can do our best to make sure it's on.
  • Professional consultation at every visit - No matter if it's your first visit or your 100th, we give you the same excellent treatment, every single time. We don't assume you want the same look, visit-after-visit. Our stylists are experienced and can give you the cut and colour of your dreams! However, if you would like to stick with your favourite shade of blonde - we've got you covered. 
  • A wide selection of hot and cold beverages - You may be in the mood for an herbal tea, or perhaps you'd like a Nespresso Vertuo flat white. Just let us know, and we'll prepare that for you! Fancy something chilled? We always have a good variety of cold drinks ready for you to enjoy. 
  • Regular education for our stylists - Everyone needs to upskill, especially a profession like hairdressing! That's why, we have training sessions for our stylists each month. So, the next time you come into the salon, ask us to do something new - you won't be disappointed! 

What you believe in matters just as much as what you do.

At Hair Intentions, we are doing our best to make sure our salon isn't leaving behind a world that is worse off for our children. It was incredible to see how many people booked new appointments this week, simply because we have chosen to be a cruelty-free salon. Thank you for sharing our love for the planet, and for the people and animals that live among us. 

Here are some of the ways we're working to make our salon better: 

  • We have partnered with Davines to offer cruelty-free, sustainable haircare - It was very important to us that the retail and professional products we sell at Hair Intentions are cruelty-free, and sustainable. Davines is both B-Corp certified and a Benefit Corporation, which means they're not only operating sustainably, but also using their profits to give back to worthwhile causes. 
  • We have joined Sustainable Salons, helping us divert 97% of our salon waste away from landfills - Sustainable Salons is a social enterprise that helps us reduce our impact on the planet and invest in local communities.
  • We are Auckland's only salon to offer AA Smartfuel Discounts - We know how much everything costs these days, and we wanted to do something to make your trip to the salon that much better! We've partnered with AA Smartfuel, so next time you're in the salon, be sure to pull out your AA or OneCard, so we can load up your rewards. 
  • We actively contribute to New Zealand charities and causes - At Hair Intentions, we believe in giving back - that's why we give to many causes across Aotearoa New Zealand, including the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, Amnesty International, and the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society. We even sponsor a child in Zambia through ChildFund

Overall, it's been an incredibly busy, but rewarding, first week at 2/2 Knights Road in Rothesay Bay. We are so thankful for your love and support, and we can't wait to see you in our salon soon! 

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