NEW: Become a VIP for special pricing on 6-weekly and 8-weekly appointments!

Why pay $200+ for a simple colour maintenance appointment?

We all know how important it is to maintain your beautiful colour... and now we're offering special maintenance packages to keep your hair looking beautiful for longer!

You know that fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling you get, right after you've visited your stylist... no greys, no regrowth and a fresh bounce in your step? At Hair Intentions, we want to make it easier to keep your hair looking fresh with our new VIP hair maintenance packages. 

We appreciate our clients, that's why we've created a new VIP package, so you can keep up with your regrowth every 6 or 8 weeks. 


How does it work?
VIP clients who commit to visiting us every 6 weeks will receive a root touchup, shampoo, cut and blow wave for the low price of $120 per visit. VIPs will also be sent special promotions and offers as the recession continues in New Zealand. 

Which services are included?
This is only for painted on root touchups and does not include foil highlights. The $120 price includes a root touchup, shampoo, trim and a blow wave. 

What if I want to come every 8 weeks instead? 
If you're not able to come every 6 weeks, no worries... We have another VIP offer for you to consider! If you rebook a root touchup every 8 weeks, the price is still only $150 per visit. 
Can anyone become a VIP client?
If you want to keep your hair fresh every six weeks, you're eligible for our VIP programme. However, if you cancel your booking three times, you'll be removed from this exclusive VIP club.

How do I become a VIP client?
In order to take advantage of this awesome deal, simply book an appointment using this link. We will make sure you're added to our VIP list so you can easily rebook all of your 6-weekly appointments.
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