Join us by giving a huge welcome to our newest stylist, Bonnie!

We're absolutely delighted to introduce a shining star to our Hair Intentions team: Bonnie Underwood. With an impressive 13 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, Bonnie not only brings her expertise but also her entrepreneurial spirit as a salon owner. Starting today, you can experience her skills and dedication every Wednesday. Booking an appointment with Bonnie is as easy as a few clicks online or a quick call to the salon.

A Journey of Passion and Ambition

Bonnie's journey into the world of hairdressing began 13 years ago, setting the stage for her remarkable career. Her path was paved by a deep-rooted passion for the beauty industry. As she shared, "I always knew I wanted to be in the beauty industry from a very young age. At first, I wasn’t sure what line I would take, but then I had the opportunity to go into hairdressing college, and I took it :)"

A Calling Inspired by Beauty

The allure of beauty and personal transformation led Bonnie to pursue hairdressing. "I am a girly girl. I love hair, makeup, and clothes. I always wanted my hair blonde, so I guess that’s what inspired me to get into hair in the first place," she revealed. This deep-rooted fascination with self-expression through hairstyling ignited her career and drives her dedication to creating beauty every day.

Passion Ignites Every Morning

Each day, Bonnie is fueled by the excitement to make a positive impact. "I honestly love putting a smile on people’s faces. And I love my job. It isn’t really a job when you love it; it’s a passion," she shared. This genuine passion permeates every aspect of her work, creating an environment where clients feel welcomed and valued.

A Versatile Expert in Hairdressing

Bonnie's extensive experience makes her a versatile expert in the field. When asked about her specialization, she humbly replied, "I wouldn’t really have an area I would say I specialize in; I’m quite all-rounded." Her proficiency in various aspects of hairdressing ensures that every client's desires are met with precision and flair.

Coloring: A Favorite Aspect

While Bonnie enjoys all aspects of hairdressing, her love for coloring stands out. "I don’t really have a favorite; I quite like all aspects of hair. But if I had to choose, I’d like coloring best," she explained. This preference shines through in her work, as she skillfully crafts vibrant and personalized hues that reflect her clients' personalities.

An Accomplished Journey

Bonnie's journey has been one of growth and accomplishment, punctuated by her entrepreneurial spirit. Her path led her through esteemed establishments like Kent in Takapuna (during her study years), Hair World in Orewa as an apprentice, and Hair Designers, where she completed her final year. Notably, Bonnie's journey culminated in her owning her own salon, an accomplishment that speaks volumes about her dedication and expertise.

Brands and Certifications

Having worked with recognized brands like De Lorenzo, Bonnie has honed her skills with top-tier products. Her training includes premier education at the Premier Hairdressing Academy, where she completed her first two years before moving into a salon for her third year of training. This certified professional status reflects her dedication to delivering excellence to her clients.

Championing Cruelty-Free and Sustainable Practices

Bonnie's values align seamlessly with Hair Intentions' commitment to cruelty-free and sustainable practices. She emphasized the importance of these principles, stating, "It’s very important to be cruelty-free... They don’t have a say in the matter; it’s just not right. And sustainable because why wouldn’t you try and do everything to try and help save our planet." Her involvement with the Sustainable Salons initiative underscores her dedication to creating a more ethical and environmentally conscious future.

A Sweet Indulgence

On a lighter note, Bonnie's secret indulgence is sure to resonate with many. She confessed, "I’m a bit of an ice cream lover." It's these delightful personal touches that make Bonnie approachable and relatable to her clients.

Your Desires Heard and Met

In closing, Bonnie's clients can anticipate an experience that transcends standard hairdressing. Her commitment to truly listening and understanding her clients' needs has garnered praise from numerous clients. As she expressed, "I guess what I’ve been told by almost every new client I have had is that I really listen to their needs. Most come back and say 'You did it exactly how I wanted it,'... so that makes me feel really good." Bonnie's dedication to bringing her clients' visions to life sets her apart as a stylist who truly cares.

Book Your Transformation with Bonnie

Don't miss the opportunity to experience Bonnie's exceptional skills and genuine passion for hairdressing. Booking an appointment with her is a breeze—simply book online or give us a call. Join us in extending a warm welcome to Bonnie Underwood, an accomplished stylist and salon owner. Make Wednesdays a celebration of transformation and pampering, as you experience the artistry of Bonnie at Hair Intentions.

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