Davines: Protecting your beauty and the planet

With all of the flooding, droughts and tropical storms that have been on the front page of the news recently, it's hard to deny - climate change is having an impact on everyone and everything on our planet

Globally, world leaders have been meeting regularly to find large-scale ways to reduce our collective impact on the environment. Yet, in order to turn things around, it's really up to every one of us to do our part. 

At Hair Intentions, we are proud to be a Sustainable Salon, diverting up to 97% of our waste from landfills -- just one of the steps we have taken to be responsible. We have also partnered with Davines, a world-leading brand focused on providing sustainable, cruelty-free haircare products that protect your beauty, and the planet. 

Since 2006, Davines has been creating a new business model that cultivates sustainable beauty without increasing CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions. They have created a system of farming principles and practices that can help mitigate climate change and much more. They call it regenerative organic agriculture. 

Regenerative organic agriculture has the potential to sequester more carbon in the ground, promote biodiversity and protect our soil, air and water. In addition, it aims to rehabilitate and regenerate the balance of Earth's resources through soil health, animal welfare and social fairness for farmworkers. 

To promote the regenerative organic agriculture approach, whenever you buy any two Davines products, we will give you a free bottle of Davines' WE STAND / for regeneration hair and body wash. 

About WE STAND / for regeneration:

The delicate formula of Davines' hair and body wash provides soft skin and shiny, silky hair. This product with a purpose is enriched with special activist ingredients from a Slow Food Presidium and Regenerative Organic Agriculture vineyard. 

It's good for your hair and body, and good for the planet, too! 

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